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CERN Batch Service User Guide

Welcome to the CERN IT Batch Service Documentation

This guide describes how to use the batch service based on HTCondor.

The Batch Service provides High Throughput Computing to support experiments and users at CERN. This guide will help you get up and running with the CERN service, but HTCondor is an externally developed product, so also bear in mind that external documentation are a useful resource.

In this guide, for an overview of how to interact with this system, please see the section "Batch Service Concepts"

For the majority of users, the way to interact with the batch service is detailed in the section "HTCondor: Local".

There are details for MPI and Containers

If you have problems with the batch service, there are details for Troubleshooting and some Workarounds.

HPC use cases are also covered, but bear in mind that HPC is more specialized and has fewer resources than the HTC batch system, reflecting the fact that many use cases can be covered by single node resources.


For support please contact us via the CERN Service Desk. Specific migration support is available.

For monitoring, the point of entry can be found here. Where it exists, experiment specific monitoring information is here


Last update: March 20, 2024