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Schedd migrations

If your schedd is in the process of being migrated, you will not be able to submit new jobs to that schedd.

To submit new jobs you are able to select a new schedd using the method described in the myschedd documentation.

To check on the jobs on the schedd you migrate away from, you need to know which schedd to query. For instance, if your current schedd is then you should do the following:

$ condor_q -name

If for some reason you can remember where you've submitted other jobs, you can check in the submitters ad. For instance:

[bejones@aiadm61 ~]$ condor_status -submitters | egrep "Machine|bejones"
Name                                              Machine            RunningJobs   IdleJobs   HeldJobs            0          0          0                                     0          0          0            0          0          0                                     0          0          0            0          0          0                                     0          0          0            0          0          0                                     0          0          0            0          0          0
                                  0          0          0          0          0          0

In this example I have no Running Jobs or Idle jobs on any other schedd, so I don't need to worry. If you see Jobs listed, then you may wish to query them, or take other actions on them, using the -name flag to the condor_* commands as detailed above.

Last update: October 21, 2022