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Exercise 6a: Requirements

In HTCondor the job's ClassAd can describe requirements, for example the name of the execute machine, the operating system is specified, etc. The requirements should be written correctly, so be aware that attribute names are insensitive but for the string values of the ClassAd, comparison operators like <, >, <=, => , == __ compare case insensitively or use the special operators =?= and =!=__ to compare case sensitively.

In order to add more requirements, the logical operators can be used are:

  • && for AND

  • || for OR

Create exercise6a.sub using the following:

executable              =
arguments               = $(ClusterId)$(ProcId)
output                  = output/ex06.$(ClusterId).$(ProcId).out
error                   = error/ex06.$(ClusterId).$(ProcId).err
log                     = log/ex06.$(ClusterId).log
requirements            = (machine=?="name of the machine")  

Execute condor_submit exercise6a.sub to submit the jobs.

This job will stay in the idle state until the specified machine accepts to execute this job.

The requirements can use any ClassAd attribute.

Last update: November 26, 2019