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Exercise 2c: Rename The Output File

With the same script exercise 2a and submit description file exercise2a.sub, the transfer_output_remaps command can be added in the submit description file to rename the output file. Only the output file file2.txt will be transferred back but with a new name "remapedFile2.txt".

    executable              =
    arguments               =  $(ClusterId)$(ProcId)
    output                  =  output/ex_02.$(ClusterId).$(ProcId).out
    error                   =  error/ex_02.$(ClusterId).$(ProcId).err
    log                     =  log/ex_02.$(ClusterId).log
    transfer_output_remaps  = "file2.txt=remapedFile2.txt"
Execute condor_submit exercise2a.sub to submit the job.


Last update: November 26, 2019