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This section covers known issues and recommendations related to CVMFS.

Batch jobs not able to access certain files in /cvmfs

Occasionally, batch jobs cannot access some to the files in /cvmfs. For example, a snippet from the stderr of one of those failed jobs:

/srv// line 7: /cvmfs/ No such file or directory
/srv// line 14: cmsenv: command not found
/srv// line 18: cmsRun: command not found
/srv// line 21: cmsRun: command not found

Cvmfs mounts can occasionally die. We monitor them and jobs will not start on machines with a broken mount, but there is always a small gap between identification and the worker node being marked as bad. Because your jobs will be exiting quickly and you have a lease on the worker, you can have the situation where you get a few jobs all fail on the same worker.

There is a way to retry on these failures though...

Last update: November 17, 2023