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CMS CAF: submit to t0


CMS has dedicated resources in a separate htcondor pool, dedicated for CAF activity. There are a couple of steps required to submit to these special resources. HTCondor requires a small amount of configuration in order to submit to a pool. In order to make this as easy as possible, we setup lxplus machines with the correct configuration to submit to the standard pool. We've provided different machines to be able to submit to the t0 pool. In addition, the activity requires a specific Accounting Group. This page should contain the information you require to submit to tier-0.


  1. Login to

Run module load lxbatch/tzero This gives you the configuration you need to interact with the tzero cluster. If you wish to change your configuration back to use the standard pool, run module load lxbatch/share.

  1. Run haggis rights | grep CMS.CAF

You should see a string such as "group_u_CMS.CAF.ALCA" or "group_u_CMS.CAF.PHYS" or "group_u_CMS.CAF.COMM". If you don't, you won't be able to submit to the CMS CAF machines. Currently this is controlled by membership of egroups cms-caf-alca-users or cms-caf-phys-users or cms-caf-comm-users.

  1. Create a submit file with the Accounting Group you found in the previous step. For example, your submit file should contain something like:

+AccountingGroup = "group_u_CMS.CAF.COMM"

  1. Submit! There's no special requirement for any other condor commands.

Last update: May 2, 2022