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Spool only Schedd

Submission to the HTCondor schedds at CERN normally makes use of a shared filesystem, ie AFS. This is convenient, but also shared filesystems introduce instability. We have therefore provided some schedds that do not allow shared filesystems on the schedd, which should make them more suitable for users who have longer jobs and are willing to have slightly more constraints.


Shared filesystems are still available on the worker nodes. Whilst bearing in mind that we recommend as always to use the local working directory for your jobs, there is no difference between the workers that run your jobs using this spool service.


The basics for using the schedd are fairly simple.

  • To select the schedds:

    module load lxbatch/spool

    Note that to switch back to normal schedds you would need to either:

    module unload lxbatch/spool or module load lxbatch/share

  • To Submit to the spool schedds:

    condor_submit -spool <submit file > [...]

Other constraints

  • A max of 100 jobs per submission (ie queue 100 or the equivalent)
  • A max of 500 total jobs per owner
  • A max of 1024mb input or output transfer to the schedds (the workers can do more)

File transfer

On this last constraint, please consider using file transfer as detailed here

Last update: February 14, 2022